Cyanallagma angelae Lencioni, 2001

Cyanallagma angelae

Described from 15 males and 3 females all collected in a small lake at the top of a mountain in Salesópolis, State of São Paulo. Around the type locality, there is a large Eucalyptus plantation that is drying the creeks that feed the lake and silting both the creek and the lake. I collected on and around the lake: Heteragrion aurantiacum, Heteragrion tiradentense, Telebasis erythrina, Minagrion mecistogastrum, Minagrion ribeiroi, Peristicta aeneoviridis, Acanthagrion gracile, Acanthagrion lancea, Acanthagrion truncatum, Allopodagrion contortum, Hetaerina hebe, Homeoura chelifera, Ischnura capreolus, Ischnura fluviatilis, Oxyagrion terminale, Telebasis corallina, Telebasis carmesina and Lestes pictus.

Etymology: Named after my beloved wife Angela S.L. Rodrigues.

IL-12_Cyanallagma angelae Salesópolis 19_02_2011

Cyanallagma angelae Lencioni, 2001 – Male (Salesópolis – SP)