Description of the Larva of Platystigma (Mecistogaster) astictum Selys, 1860

Mecistogaster astictaDescription of the Larva of Platystigma (Mecistogaster) astictum Selys, 1860

Following the advice of Dr. Angelo Machado, which after read the second volume of my book,  sent me one long e-mail that I reproduce part here “The results you obtained on M. asticta oviposition are especially important. They show that the oviposition in Mecistogaster is more varied and flexible than we imagined” … “I think these data are so important that they deserve to be published in an international journal such as Odonatologica, Animal Behavior and others of great impact. Of course the publication has greatly valued your book, but however large, its distribution, never will be the same as one of those magazines.”, I decided to spread the information on the larva of Platystigma astictum. Now everyone can download the appendix of my book for free :