Forcepsioneura garrisoni Lencioni, 1999


Forcepsioneura garrisoni Lencioni, 1999

Etymology: described after Dr. Rosser W. Garrison

Published: Lencioni, F.A.A., 1999. The Genus Phasmoneura, with description of Forcepsioneura gen. nov. and two new species (Zygoptera : Protoneuridae). Odonatologica 28(2): 127-137

Images available for download:

Holotype habitus

– Thorax lateral view (photo)

– Thorax dorsal view (photo)

Prothorax lateral view (SEM)

Prothorax dorsal view (SEM)

Cercus lateral view (SEM)

Cercus internal view (SEM)

Cercus dorsal view (SEM)

Cercus posterior view (SEM)

Penis lateral view (SEM)